The Event is intended to create a serious business atmosphere for the promotion and display of each Exhibitor´s products. Activities such as games, gifts, motorcycles, automóviles or the installation of entertainment devices are allowed, provided that they do not represent a distraction for the visitors or the nearby stands. The activities meant to call the attention of the visitors must be placed far away from the corridors and the nearby stands, leaving sufficient open space to look around and under no circumstance should they block the circulation along corridors or the Access to nearby stands. The exhibitors are responsible for the removal of any waste caused by said activities in and around their respective stands and at the Exporoom.

Likewise, each Exhibitor is responsible for the obtention of such permits as the Mexican Government may require in connection with raffles, lots drawings, contests and activities of the like.

NOTE: Each Exhibitor shall file with the Organization Committee an application for the approval of any of the activities described above. All devices or activities rendered by the Organization Committee as unpleasant, dangerous or detrimental to the nearby stands or the visitors are prohibited and shall be cancelled.

It is impossible to provide a comprehensive list of all such activities as may fall within said description. However, the following live performances may be included as such: magician or monster shows, contacts with celebrities other than those usually summoned by the Exhibitors, shoe-shining premises, photography stands, popcorn machines, fortune telling, dartboard games, live music performances, live animals, fish ponds, golf simulators, flashing or strobe lights and any other activity generating excessive or harmful noise levels. The Organization Committee, at its sole discretion, may take the actions it may think fit and appropriate (including, but not limited to expulsion from the Event and/or a priority/seniority suspension or cancellation) against any Exhibitor in case of misconduct to the detriment of the Event.